Nevada Gardens wants to hear from You !

In our quarterly newsletter we intend to publish "Your" stories. Stories about your plant issues; Successes and Failures. Mostly we are looking for the "joy" within each success, and the humor within the failures. If you have a question... we want to find the answer, and share that too.

Here in Southern Nevada, failure happens to everyone who tries to "grow" their garden. In one form or another. We have: Extremely dry air, hot summers, cold dry winter winds, nasty soil, and water with more salt and other water pollutants than any plant can appreciate.
Add that to the many lanscapes that have been filled with construction debris containing various plant toxins, and you have the formulae for "Gardening on Mars".
But.... we still manage to have many many successes !

We want to hear from you no matter where your garden is.... from California to Kentucky to Iceland... if your have a gardening question or story to share; Please do !

So, bring on the failures as well and the joys of your garden ! Pictures as well as all your thoughts. If needed (and requested), and where possible we will send a photographer out to your garden to take photgrphs.
Through this sharing we all encourage each other. Hopefully it will be a fun journey !

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We look forward to hearing from you !

The Staff at Nevada Gardens