Green Industry Coalition


Working together to create better legislation and industry practice.

Government, Education, Developers & Architects

Growers & Nurseries, Installation & Maintenance, Residential, Commercial &

Golf Course.



During the first year of behind the scene and cooperative efforts the GIC helped to:

Promote Water saving projects - Smart Controllers;

and help remove ineffective legislation - Summer Sod Restrictions;



There are many more issues that need a coordinated effort and promotion in order to become reality.

Our legislators; City - County - State and Federal, want and need our input, recommendations and cooperation. Through cooperation between diverse groups like those represented within the GIC our communities, businesses and landscapes can prosper. Future growth and maintenance of our landscapes, both commercial and residential can be beautiful, healthy and in harmony with our environment. All this can be achieved while reducing water waste and so helping to make sure we continue to prosper into the next century.

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Current Green Industry list of Priority Items


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